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Wire framing being put into place to begin the process
of covering inferior original artificial fake rock













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An Introduction


When people hear the words Artificial or Fake rocks generally images of Theme Parks, Zoo Enclosures and Holiday Resorts come to mind. In other words manmade Artificial rock=large scale work and therefore is a specialized field that only a small amount of people have the 'know how' to create.
I don't mind being a myth buster when it comes to this perception because I have been teaching people how to make artificial rock to use around their homes for just on two decades.
So first of all you might ask why on earth would anyone want to make their own rock?
The answer that springs to mind first of all is because YOU CAN as simple as it may sound it is the all important factor. Years ago it was one of THOSE secrets with only a few non descript formulas popping up every now and then and teachers in the art were pretty well non existent as were instructional videos and dvds on the subject.
The methods of make your own rock that I devised were based on simplicity...... meaning the KISS factor.
First of all making your own rock had to be easy to do in comparison to any other method and that was well and truly achieved.Then it had to be cost effective without having to use expensive or elaborate materials. And most importantly for all those people out there with a home and a yard it had to be a realistic way to build any amount of natural rock features on a limited budget and create a pocket of magic in your own garden in the process.
Ok, so again the question pops up why would I want to make my own concrete rock?
Transporting in the real thing especially rock pieces of any size has its limitations, even finding a suitable supply can be a huge problem not to mention cartage costs, access to the property and machine hire to place your pieces.

My methods are amazingly adaptable so if you have a vision there is more than likely a way to make it come to life.
Making your own rock costs a fraction of what it would cost buying it in.
You can create your rock features in your own time as it suits you, one step at a time.
Its flexible in shape, size and colour and perfect for slopes and hard to access areas.
You can make a series of stepping stones to links ares of the garden or a meandering staircase, a natural boulder outcrop on a slope interlaced with clever planting that also controls water erosion and for those with no limit to their imagination a stunning waterfeature, fishpond or a natural stream.
Simply put there is very little you cant do with artificial rock and the bonus is that it is incredibly realistic, hardwearing and lasts a lifetime
( when constructed as instructed of course)



The problem with getting a natural looking appearance in this narrow area was my replicated rockwork had to follow what was already there. Getting plant life into the setting was also difficult courtesy of a concrete drain in between the two fake rock edges.The beauty of freehand rockmaking is that it allows you pliability even in limited spaces such as this. The drain which is now covered by a variety of riverstone sizes is planted with fine leaf Lomandras and Dianella in a combination of coarse river sand and aged compost.

Handmade artificial rock mountain waterfallHandmade_artificial_mountain_rock_waterfall

FROM THIS...( Left ) Apparently this example of fake/synthetic rock is known as 'bubble rock'.The image shows a section of  the result a lady ended up with after imparting thousands of dollars to a contractor who 'disappeared' after this job.She had a vision of walking out into her backyard pool area and enjoying some sense of stepping into a natural bush environment. Needless to say she was grossly disappointed and more so eight months later when the bubble rock began to flake and corrode and drop into her pool.



TO THIS...( Left ) Its needs to be said that artificial rock doesn't need to look like its fake or badly replicated especially if you are paying somebody to create it for you.The lady I mentioned called me and asked if I could help her and my first reaction when I saw the work was an emphatic ' no way' Anyway,later on I changed my mind and this picture is the early result as the plantings have grown a lot since then. Basically I concreted over the 'bubble rock' and then used a sand and cement mix and color hardener powders over the concrete to create the artificial but very realistic result.



Below: View of a creek plus spa with new artificial solid and hollow rock starting to take shape and transform an original bland setting.
Some of the replicated rock is in the process of being coloured.


Photo to left:
Handmade boulders combined to make a pool edging.

This image shows the fantastic impact an addition of handmade concrete rocks adds to a backyard swimming pool renovation. Smaller rocks would have accentuated the narrow line leading down and into the pool whereas the larger pieces grab the eye and make it less noticeable and prominent.The artificial rocks also serve the duel function of being pool coping and garden edging at the same time.
Design and installation Keith Tutor

If you have ever entertained at any time the thought making your own artificial rock or fake rock or faux rock, mock rock or however you like to describe it congratulations,its a great skill to have it and I can help you get started. I have been teaching Rock making for nearly twenty years and have taught thousands of people in this time.My methods are simple and cost effective the materials to make the rock are for the main available in the majority of countries and the potential to carry out so many different landscaping jobs with my technique of rock building is mind boggling and.... may I say the rock itself 'looks pretty good as well.'
Read on and find out more and if you have any questions or need any help...ask me and I will be to happy to assist where I can.


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